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Hi, I got this asset a while back and haven't had the chance to examine it yet, but with the existing animations are we able to make it look like they are gathering? (Like from tree's and ground objects / harvesting crops). Would you consider making a dedicated animation for it if not?


Hi! I'm not sure there's anything you can do with the current animations, but I'll make a note to look into it for a future update! Are there any games or examples you know of that I could reference?

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The most immediate reference for farm gathering I could find is the crop pull animation found here ( I was kind of envisioning something like the little arm swipes or plucks repeatedly towards the object in question, maybe even holding a basket if you want to go full in.

A bow + animation would also be appreciated. (I see above you already mentioned spellcasting in future ^.^ excited when you do). 

Thanks for quick response too! I just bought your enemies pack when I saw that it also had good animations attached, alongside the cave pack (more for the harvestable rocks). Would be great if you ever expand on crop harvestables in your village pack as well.


That's a perfect example, thank you! Looking at that I think I might be able to bodge something together from existing stuff to make a decent start on it. Things will hopefully start ramping up a little bit with these packs in the early/middle part of the new year and I'll be able to get to a lot of the ideas and plans I have for expanding these sets!

Hey I can't seem to get the sprites to work for rpgmaker, even the new ones that have been formatted for it. I tried with the old ones too, all three sizes, but they have the same results.

Weird. Thanks for letting me know! I almost certainly did something to mess it up when I did the update. I'll check it out and let you know when it's fixed!

Should be fixed now! It was a problem with the size of the sprite sheets! I forgot that the sheet needs to be the full 576x384.

Any female villager or heroine sprites? Keep up the good work!

I have a new Sprite pack in development, so I'll make a note of your request! 💚

tabletop ok?

You can use the assets for personal board game projects, but not for any commercial board games or printed products.


Is it compatible with RPG MAKER MV?

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It is, you'll just need to cut down the sprite sheet in an image editor. Just cut the whole thing down to the first 3 columns of the walking animation. 

Let me know if you need any help!

Need to death animation


Definitely. It's planned, possibly doing a big update in April/May, as I'm currently working on a different project.


could you do animations for pushing, picking up, bow and arrow, boomerang, so on and so on?


Yeah I can definitely do that! I have some rough sprites for most of the stuff you mentioned. I'll start adding things incrementally.

please i need the tiles