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A downloadable RPG asset pack

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The world of Solaria was an epic RPG that I never got around to making, so instead, it will be taking the form of a series of asset packs that you can use to create your own game! 

Blacksmithing  in Solaria can be a lucrative business, as danger lurks everywhere, and adventurers need the right equipment! The best smiths can create all kinds of weaponry and armour, from small exotic blades and basic helmets, to magically infused war hammers and beautifully decorated chestplates.

This pack is in early development, and there will be a lot more added and changed in future updates! If there is anything you'd like to see added or if you have any feedback, let me know and I'll make the changes in an update!

*Some screenshots contain sprites from other World of Solaria sets. They are not included in this set!

The palette used is a slightly expanded Resurrect64 by Kerrie Lake!


  • 16x16 Cave tileset: 921 individual tiles. 
    • Wood, stone and tiled floors, 5  wall types with variations, a forge, lathe, gems, grindstone, dozens of weapons and tools, chests,  and more.
    • NEW! Diagonal walls! Create more varied room styles!
    • NEW! Zelda style walls! Create 2D Zelda style maps!
  • Tile Animations: 
    • 4-frame animations for doors, torches, forge, grindstone, chests.
    • NEW! Door animations!
  • 1 Blacksmith Sprite:
    • A blacksmith character with 4-frame walking, idle, minecart and attack animations in 4 directions. 

All assets are in PNG format.


  • Character sprites! 
    • More blacksmith variations, customer types and other NPCs.
  • More tile animations!
  • More tiles!
    • More weapons, wall types and tile variations.
  • More assets! 
    • Sci-fi, beach, desert, city, modern.
  • Other stuff!
    • Possibly UI elements, autotiles, fonts, and some other ideas I have, if there is demand. Leave a comment to let me know what you want to see!


What you can do:

  • Use in commercial and non-commercial video games and personal projects.
  • Edit the assets as much as you like for use in projects.
  • Publish work using these assets on websites relating to art, games, and similar.

What you can't do:

  • Resell, repackage or redistribute the assets in original or modified form.
  • Use the assets or derivatives in logo, trademark, or service mark. 
  • Include these assets in game making tools, code templates, or NFT/crypto projects.


Something you want/need, that's not part of one of the packs? I'm available for commission! Contact me via Twitter! You can also commission small things like sprites and tiles via Ko-fi!


You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram!  You can use the button below to support me on Ko-fi! You don't have to credit me for the use of these assets, but it's much appreciated!

Ko-fi members will receive exclusive monthly tiles, compatible with all World of Solaria sets, based on @Pixel_Dailies themes from the previous month!

Ko-fi supporters will receive an download key for the Quiet Cabin pack! 

Buy Me a Coffee at

You can also support me by purchasing the other World of Solaria tileset packs!


Get this RPG asset pack and 5 more for $40.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this RPG asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

World of Solaria 627 kB

Development log


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Hello, I purchased your material resources and made a game independently!

Your webpage address is marked on the webpage!


Thank you so much, congratulations on the release! It looks fantastic! Thank you for letting me know!


will this be included in the bundle with the other packs in the future?

Yes, it'll be added once the release sale is done.

Hey, thought I'd let you know that there's now a bundle for sale with everything in!

(1 edit)

Do you plan to create Character packs in the future? (Not packs with premade characters) Where you mix and match body, clothes, and hair to generate various characters 

Like a character generator? Or just a set of parts? 

Like this asset pack for example Cozy People Asset Pack by shubibubi ( where you can mix and match then save it as a spreadsheet


That's a great idea! I actually have it written down as an idea for a way to make my own sprites but it totally makes sense to make to parts available to everyone! I'll make it more of a priority if it's a thing people would want!


Oh my god this set is so lovely! You included so many items!

Thank you so much! This is definitely the most comprehensive set so far!