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This update makes a bunch of minor improvements and fixes, and also adds a few new tiles! Check out the devlog for the full details!


The world of Solaria was an epic RPG that I never got around to making, so instead, it will be taking the form of a series of asset packs that you can use to create your own game! 

This asset pack is still in development, and content might change a lot from update to update. If there is anything you'd like to see added or if you have any feedback, let me know and I'll make the changes in an update!

*Screenshots contain sprites from the Sprite Pack! Sprites are not included with this tileset!*


  • Rural Village tileset: 2000+ individual tiles. 
    • A large array of terrain tiles! Grass, dirt, trees and bushes in 2 shades, water edge terrain, rocks, decorations, and fences!
    • Building tiles! 4 walls, 4 roofs with peaked and flat variations, new doors, redesigned bridge tiles and more!
    • NEW! Better artwork! Dozens of improvements across the tileset!
    • Seasonal Tile Variations! Create maps in all 4 seasons with newly included winter and fall tiles!
    • Expanded decoration tiles! Tree trunks and stumps, new tile variations, a rotten jack-o'-lantern!
  • Animated Tiles: 4-frame animations for water, water edges, flames, fish, chests and doors!
  • RPG Maker Compatibility! 
    • The update is designed to be plug and play. You can copy the files into an MV or MZ project folder and begin creating right away!
    • NEW! Missing tils have been added to RPG Maker folders.
  • Included palette!
    • Included with the set is the palette used to make it, a slightly expanded Resurrect64 by Kerrie Lake!

All assets are in PNG format.


What you can do:

  • Use in commercial and non-commercial video games and personal projects.
  • Edit the assets as much as you like for use in projects.
  • Publish work using these assets on websites relating to art, games, and similar.

What you can't do:

  • Resell, repackage or redistribute the assets in original or modified form.
  • Use the assets or derivatives in logo, trademark, or service mark. 
  • Include these assets in game making tools or code templates. 
  • Use the assets to train AI image generators.
  • Use the assets for the creation or promotion of NFT/crypto/play to earn/metaverse/web3 projects.
  • Use the assets in any printed media or physical products.


You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram, other links on my Carrd! You can use the button below to support me on Ko-fi! You don't have to credit me for the use of these assets, but it's much appreciated!

Ko-fi supporters will receive a download key for the Quiet Cabin pack!

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You can also support me by purchasing the other World of Solaria asset packs!

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker, Unity, Aseprite
Tags16-bit, 2D, Cute, Game Boy Advance, JRPG, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Tileset, Top-Down


Get this RPG asset pack and 5 more for $40.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$12.50 USD or more

In order to download this RPG asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Development log


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Hi! I got this pack a while ago, and while I've been building my town, the building tiles seem to not work?? The transparency on the sides of the building A3 layer, just peek through to the background? it erases the tile underneath of it and I can't figure out why. I'm using RPG MV. I included a picture. The circled is what I'm talking about. With or without a parallax background, it just cuts straight through the ground layer when I try to create a building.  (its blue because I have a sky background set on this map). Is there something I'm missing here that needs done?

You're probably not doing anything wrong, it's more that I'm not an RPG Maker user and none of the tiles were originally intended to be used with it. 

I think there's a way of fudging the layers in MV to get them to work properly, but I'm not at my computer all weekend to test it. 

You can always edit the tiles to make them a few pixels wider (or I can do it when I'm back home and push out an update), but the walls will line up with the roof and won't look quite as nice. 

I'll check with my Ko-fi members too, and see how they solve this issue!

Hi, can i use the sprites on social media and similar to promote my game?

Of course! Don't forget to drop links here or tag me on socials so I can help spread the word πŸ’š


I'll do it for sure! I'll work on the game for a while and i'll come here to show you my work

I don't know if you paid attention to it, but after the update, you added the tiles from the winter pack and deleted the hero's animations.

That's intentional. The previous version of this pack is also available here until I do something with the missing tiles.

I understand, you are cleaning up the packages. All right.

Yeah, the aim is to have less repeated content between packs and make updates quicker, easier and more focused.

I can't wait for you to add new monsters. I create an arpg game and admit that there are not enough of them.

(1 edit)

Animated flowers not available for RPG Maker version? I can create the animations myself if you provide at least 3 frames of the images.


It's either because they were a late addition or because the animation doesnt work in 3 frames.

 I'll take a look and see if I can make them work, but none of the assets were originally made with RPG Maker in  mind.

All the frames are there in the 16x16 folder, they just need to be scaled up 3x to 48x48.


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Hi ! Thanks for your tilesets, they are really awesome !

- Could you make different size of stump ? I would like to chop small trees but the current stump is a bit larger than the small trees. The stump for larger trees could be nice but as you wish :)

- Also, I have some issues with the size of larger trees. They do not make the collisions obvious for the players. I don't know if the base should be a bit larger or if the tree should 2 tiles long. How do you handle that in your game/prototype ? 

Thanks again, for your work. For now my project is really in prototype phase, but I would like to add your links into the credits if I reach a public phase at some point ;)

Hi, thanks for your feedback!

The tree stump is certainly something I can do for the next update! I'm hoping to make a small update in a few weeks to improve some more of the artwork.

I might revisit the trees at a later date to add something that works better with RPG Maker, this would probably be a 2x2 tile tree. Keep me updated on your project, and let me know whenever you have any ideas or suggestions!

(1 edit)

Any news about the RPG Maker version?




I found a little problem with the wall tiles. See in the image that I had to correct this empty margin in the images.

Excellent work thank you.

Thanks for pointing that out, I'll push out an update when I can to fix it.

Hi, I saw you were working on the rpg maker compatibility, is this pack still not compatible?


The update should be ready this week!



Just bought the bundle to make it reach the sale goal (and mostly because all these assets look wonderful and with a lot of effort put into them)!

I'm still not sure I'm going to use these (definitely hope so though), but I just wanted to confirm a few points if it's not too much trouble :

  • When you say we can edit these assets, are there specific rules to follow or are we free to change anything we want (1 pixel to a whole sprite)?
  • Is it fine to use these assets in a collaborative project even if all members participating in said project do not own the assets?
  • Are there any requirements for giving credit when using these assets in a project?

Once again, thank you for making these and I'll make sure to check any new stuff!

Thank you so much! It means a lot πŸ’š

  • You can edit as much as you want!
  • Use in collaborative projects is absolutely fine!
  • Credit is not necessary but very much appreciated (a link to my twitter or itch page is fine)!

Thanks again, I've got a lot planned for this series of assets!

Thank you very much for the answers!

I'll be looking forward to updates and new packs too πŸ‘

Excellent work. Is there a bundle with all packages?

Thank you! Not at the moment, just a bundle with all the main tilesets and a separate bundle with all of the sprites. 

I was planning on creating a bundle with everything in the next few weeks to celebrate a year of being on itch.

I will wait then. I bought two of the packs and noticed that they are not compatible with RPG Maker. Not everything can be used for what I want, so I have to buy in some eventual promotion because I will have an extreme work to try to adapt the images for the RPG Maker.

Thank you for your patience! I haven't been able to spend much time on Solaria recently due to other things, but I've actually just started work on RPG Maker compatibility today!

λ³΄λ“œκ²Œμž„μ— μ“Έμˆ˜μžˆμ„κΉŒμš”?

You can use the assets for personal board game projects, but not for any commercial board games or printed products.

ok ty!


Hi, just bought all your bundles. I would really like more destroyable stuff. For example like in Zelda Games the jars/vases or barrels. I agree with tsukichild, the cut grass I'd like too. 

In your cave package I'd like to see animations so that you could actually mine the stones/rocks to get their gems. So basically animations for the rocks, so they get damaged/destroyed and animations for using a pickaxe to mine them.

Also one thing I'm not sure on. Your Dungeon Package doesn't have 32x32 nor 48x48. Can I just upscale the images or is it something you have to update? Because I already started to work with 48x48 images. Thanks for your work!

Hello, thanks for choosing my assets!

Thank you for your suggestions! I can definitely do all of that for you.  I'm currently on another project,  so updates will start in early/mid April.

Yeah, you're free to just upscale the assets yourself, the other sizes are just the 16px assets enlarged by 200% and 300%. I'll update the assets myself when I get chance.

Thanks again!

Another thing I noticed is that on the Blacksmith Package there is an Example 04.gif where the Blacksmith Character has like a Zelda like obtain animaton and also the sparkly hammer above him, however I could find neither of these as sprites. This would also be a great addition for characters to have for the first time they obtain a weapon. Of course it would probably be troublesome to add for all character sprites, so maybe do it for the Hero01 only, because I chose him to use. It would be interesting as he could obtain the sword, the hammer and the upcoming pickaxe as well in a glorious way. Thanks again! For me April is fine, since I will have the most free time starting in early May.

Good luck on your current project!


Yes I was originally planning a larger update before taking on a contract, so the get animations got delayed. I do actually plan to add them for every character though!


I am using it for Gadot just fine if that's any help. I'd love for some animations to cut grass, shake trees, etc. 

That's good to know, thank you! I'll make a note of that suggestion! Should be quite simple to do, I've made similar for commissions. 

Ooh wonderful! Another thing, is there a fishing pole somewhere? I looked through the files (and KOFI) and I don't see to see one just yet but might have missed it. 


Not yet! I'll make a note for that too! Thank you for the suggestions!

Is this ready for Godot?

(1 edit)

No, in a word. It is planned, but honestly probably a long way off before I can implement it. I'd need to get to grips with Godot myself first, or work with someone familiar with it to make it happen.

Oh, Godot just uses PNG


Oh, okay! All the assets are .png so you should have no issues!

Works great for gadot! Sprite sheets can be a little funky, but I don't mind moving those as I use so few. 

absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you so much! πŸ’š


hello can we use this in RPG Maker MV? 



You can use this in RPG Maker MV but it will take a little bit of work to set up. 

Getting my tiles properly set up to work with RPG Maker is a planned feature for the near future!

I just bought ALL your sets and also want to use them in MV. But as soon as I opened them up in an image editor I realized that some tiles (auto-tiles and animated water tiles mainly) would be a lot of work to adapt myself.
I could do it of course, but now that I've read: "Getting my tiles properly set up to work with RPG Maker is a planned feature for the near future!", I wonder if it'd be better to perhaps wait?
It would depend on how far of this "near future" is, I guess? Is it like a month, two months, half a year or longer? And is that estimate just for this pack or all of your packs? I understand you might not be able to give an exact month or date, but if you could be a wee bit more specific that would be much appreciated!



First of all, thank you so much for choosing my sets πŸ’š

Due to current commitments, it will be at least the middle of April before I can start work on getting my assets RPG Maker ready. It is the top priority for me now because it gets requested a lot! The plan is to start with the Rural Village set and work my way through in order from most to least popular. 

Honestly, if you have experience adapting tiles to work with RPG Maker, I'd love to pick your brain a little bit because making stuff for the auto-tile system confuses me so much.


I can tell you that the auto-tile format for VX/VX Ace, and MV/MZ, are pretty close to identical (XP is quite different).

However, the four auto-tile types have different dimensions and rules for utilization; only A1 is animated and I believe the limit is sixteen animated tiles.

Yes, the pixel size for XP/VX/Ace is 32*32, whilst MV is 48*48, and MZ has the option to select tile size now, or at least, this was a planned update from January.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for this! It's something I really want to understand because it would make my assets so much more usable.


Great kit with a lot of updates :)

Get it for yourself !

This is amazing! Just the style I was looking for, unfortunately it's too small. Have you considered making a version that works with RPG Maker MV? Nevertheless, awesome job! 

Thank you!

RPG Maker compatibility is on the to-do list! I have a little bit of experience with a few versions of it, so it shouldn't be too hard to do! 

If you'd like to follow me on here or on Twitter or Instagram, I'll be sure to post about it when I add RPG Maker compatibility!

That's amazing! I'm definitely going to buy all your packs when that happens. 

I have followed you on Twitter!

This is a great tile set. Would love to see a dungeon/cave expansion for it!


Thank you very much! I'm currently testing and tweaking a dungeon set to get it ready for release!

What a lovely tileset! <3

(1 edit)

Thank you so much Kerrie! I really enjoy using your palette.

(1 edit)

This is wonderful, and in my opinion, criminally under-priced for how much is included. 

Thank you! I will likely be raising the base price once the sale is over.

Cute owo

Thank you!

This is brilliant! I am very excited to see more updates! What do you plan on adding next? 


Thank you so much! I'm working on a dungeon set at the moment, it should be ready soon!

Wow that's so cool, I wonder how it will look like!

goal reached ! I had to pick this up ! 

Thank you again! Thanks for sharing on Twitter too!

Looks amazing!!

Thank you!  It should get better as I get more confident making pixel art!

This art is beautiful. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! I'll be adding more to this pack soon!

Gorgeous! I will be more than happy to buy all of your stuff if perchance you plan on making a whole collection of RPG tilesets like these, with worldmap, caves, dungeons, biome varations, etc. :)

Awesome  thank you! I'm glad you like it. I'll absolutely be adding more sets In future!

Looks amazing!

Thank you so much!

I love this pack will you make others with more characters and houses of snow sand caves etc ...

Thank you so much! Yes, I have plans for all of that!