World of Solaria Sprite Animation Overhaul!


This is a significant update that completely overhauls sprite animations! Characters can now do more than ever before, and look much better doing it! Running, dodging, attacking, swimming, farming, even sleeping and much more! Animations now have way more frames, making them smoother and more expressive.

So far 3 characters have improved animations, my base sprite, the frog hero, and the blacksmith. More will be added as they're finished. 

New animations include:

  • Attack
  • Axe
  • Carry (idle, walking)
  • Damage
  • Death
  • Fishing (casting, idle, reeling, catching)
  • Hammer
  • Hoe
  • Idle
  • Item get
  • Minecart
  • Pickaxe
  • Pull
  • Push
  • Shovel
  • Sleeping
  • Swimming (idle, moving, diving, underwater)
  • Walk
  • Watering can
  • Yawn

If you have any feedback or suggestions, let me know and I'll implement them in future updates!


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11 days ago

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Great job!

Thank you! 💚

This is wonderful! So smooth. Congrats on the release!

Thank you! I'm really proud of these 😊

Hi Jamie, these are awesome! Love the update very excited to add more actions to my characters. It would be really useful to include some details on timings/frame rates so that I can animate them as they are intended. Have you got any suggestions?

Thank you! I can get all the info for you later, but most of them are 80-100m/s per frame, except for pushing and pulling, I think.

If i don't get back to you in the next few hours, just leave a comment here to remind me!

Hi Nedmas, here's the info:

Animations made in Aseprite

  • Attack - 80ms
  • Axe - 80ms
  • Carry Idle -120ms
  • Carry walk - 120ms
  • Damage - 80ms
  • Death - 80ms
  • Dodge - 80ms
  • Fishing -80ms
  • Hammer - 60ms
  • Hoe - 80ms
  • Idle - 120ms
  • Item get – 120ms
  • Minecart - 100ms
  • Pickaxe - 80ms
  • Pull - 150ms
  • Push - 200ms
  • Shovel - 80ms
  • Sleep - 500ms
  • Swimming
    • Idle - 300ms
    • Swimming - 150ms
    • Diving - 150ms
    • Underwater - 200ms
  • Walk - 120ms
  • Watering - 100ms
  • Yawn - 150ms

I hope this makes sense! If not, I can send over the Aseprite files to you!

That’s awesome and makes total sense!