World of Solaria Cave Tileset Launch!


The new World of Solaria Cave Tileset is here! This was requested a few times after I released the first pack, and I've finally gotten around to making it! If you haven't gotten any of the World of Solaria tiles yet, you can get everything in this bundle!


  • 16x16 Cave tileset: 633 individual tiles. 
    • Grass and dirt, 3 wall types with variations, vegetation, rocks, gems, minecarts, chests, bridges and more.
  • Tile Animations: 
    • 4-frame animations for water, torches, fish chests.
  • 12 Minecart Sprites:
    • 4-frame horizontal and vertical animations for minecarts. 

This is very early in development, and there's a lot that might be changed and added in updates! That said, I'm still proud of the work and wanted to share it with everyone! The other tilesets will also be updated soon to match the way I've made this one! Any changes are very subtle and will still fit in with any projects you've made using them so far, so don't worry!


  • Character sprites! 
    • Monsters, NPCs, creatures and animals.
  • More tile animations!
  • More tile variations! 
    • Colour variations, crystal caves, ice caves, magma caves.
  • Other stuff!
    • Possibly UI elements, autotiles, fonts, and some other ideas I have, if there is demand.

Anyway, thanks for checking out this devlog, be sure to follow me on Ko-fi or Twitter, as that's where I post updates for upcoming stuff, and announce sales for my work! You can also follow my other illustration work on Instagram!


Ko-fi supporters will receive an download key for the Quiet Cabin pack! Check the "Thank you" message!

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Jul 10, 2021

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Wow que rápido actualizaste, muchas gracias bro.