World of Solaria Sprite Pack Launch!


The world of Solaria is becoming more populated! New faces from distant lands are arriving, including orcs, dragons, toucans and, uh, skeletons?! However, the sudden growth in population is also attracting villains...

This pack contains every player sprite from every World of Solaria pack released so far. There are also a lot of new sprites, created with input from Ko-fi members! Sprite sheets are different from previous versions and now come with separated minecarts and weapons, allowing for more versatility.

Asset pack includes:

  • 41 sprites:
    • 2 blacksmiths
    • 5 heroes, each with  an alternate version
    • 1 knight
    • 2 orcs
    • 2 toucans
    • 10 villagers, each with  an alternate version
    • 3 villains, with alternate versions
  • Sprite Animations:
    • 4-frame animations for each character sprite for idle, walking and attack.
  • Minecart and sword:
    • NEW! Weapons and vehicles are now separate from the characters, allowing for more versatility and ease of use!


  • More sprites!
    • More useful characters like shopkeepers, innkeepers, children, more villains and bosses.
  • More variations!
    • Create livelier maps with more varied NPCs, and  have more interesting adventures and stories with fun and unique party members and heroes!
  • More animations!
    • Jumps, rolls, dodges, victory poses, item and tool use, more weapon animations!
  • Vehicles/transportation!
    • Boats, carts, horses.


You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram!  You can use the button below to support me on Ko-fi! You don't have to credit me for the use of these assets, but it's much appreciated!

Ko-fi members will receive exclusive monthly tiles, compatible with all World of Solaria sets, based on @Pixel_Dailies themes from the previous month! They also get access to my Discord server!

One-time Ko-fi supporters will receive an download key for the Quiet Cabin pack! Check the "Thank you" message!

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Dec 07, 2021

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