World of Solaria: Rural Village Update 02!



This is just a small update to make the tileset and sprites a bit more compatible with the other sets I've made since this one was released.

Included in this update:

  • All of the sprites now have attack and minecart animations, so they can easily be used with the Dungeon tileset! 
  • There are new exterior window and door sprites, adding more variety and increasing compatibility with the Quiet Cabin tileset! 

That's all for this one! I'm currently working on a Cave tileset, and coming up with ideas for even more stuff!

in the meantime, you can keep up to date by following me on Twitter or Instagram!  You can also support me on Ko-fi

Ko-fi supporters will receive a download key for the Quiet Cabin pack! Check the "Thank you" message!


World of Solaria Rural Village Update 1 MB
Jun 28, 2021

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Hola ¿Hay que volver a comprar los tiles cada que hagas un update? 😐 Creí que si ya habías comprado un pack las actualizaciones del mismo serian gratuitas. 😓

Hi! I'm sorry about that, I can't see any reason why you would have to pay again! Try visiting the project page maybe?

If you get any further issues then maybe contact itch customer support? If all else fails I can provide you with an alternative link for the files!

Me sigue pidiendo un pago, no se si estoy en lo correcto 🤔 pero si me puedes enviar los links de descarga me ayudarías bastante. Ya he comprado los 3 que tenias, el de ciudad, el de decoración interna y el de las caves. Muchísimas gracias crack! ⭐

Okay, I can see all of your purchases! There is also this page for helping you retrieve downloads: I think try that first, just so we can avoid this problem in future!

If that fails, I'll mail you download keys to the address you used to purchase them!

Thanks for your support by the way!

Let's see if I understand .. Honestly I'm new to it.chio and I may be doing something wrong. In my profile I have the links to download the graphic art that I had bought from you previously, when you make an update of that tileset I must give that same button to download the same graphic art that I bought, but will I download the updated one? Hopefully I have explained.

No problem! Yes, that's correct! Because I've updated the files, any time you download them, they will always be the most current version. You can always get to resend the links to your email if you lose them, but the link will always get you the most recent version of the files.