World of Solaria General Update


I'm finally back to work after a few weeks off due to the insane heat and then visiting my girlfriend! I just got done with a commission too (I'm getting commissions now which is insane), so now I'm free to continue working on new stuff!

Tileset Updates!

I'm also working on updating and refining existing sets, as my pixel art is always improving and I'm noticing things that could be better! A major update will be adding Zelda-style walls to every set, which is a big task, and will be starting with the Dungeon Tileset. I'm also working on a pretty large (1000+ tiles!) update to the Rural Village Set. That update should arrive in the next day or two!

Everything will be rolled out as it's done, so make sure to follow me on here, Ko-fiTwitter or Instagram to be updated!

Free Tiles!

If you're still undecided on the World of Solaria, there's now a free demo set you can download from here or Ko-fi! There's also the option to pay what you want for the set, if you're feeling generous!


I've added a commissions section to my Ko‑fi for small stuff like tiles and sprites! I'm hoping the prices are fair, feedback is welcome!


Ko-fi just added memberships, so I'm going to try to work out if there's anything cool I can offer! Any suggestions are great, I'm currently thinking exclusive tiles and sprites, or maybe voting on what the next tileset I make should be, if that's possible!

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